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Upper Bucks Senior Activity Center

2183 Milford Square Pike, Milford Square, PA 18935 (215) 536-3066

Closed Mondays


Computer, iPad and iPhone help 9:30-10:30

Knitting 9:00am

Games 9:30 am


Band Practice 10:00am- 11:00am


Bingo is 12:15-3:00

Thrift Shop Hours

Tues & wed 9:00-1:00

Thursday 9:00-3:00

Closed Fridays

"Hearing Better Now"

An elderly man was having hearing problems and went to see a specialist. The doctor fitted him with some hearing aids that brought his hearing back to full strength.

After a few weeks the man came back to make sure the new equipment was working properly, which it was.

The hearing specialist said, “It all seems perfect. Your family should be delighted you can hear everything now.”

“Oh no,” the man responded. “I haven’t told any of them. I just sit quietly, listening carefully. I’ve changed my will four times.”