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Upper Bucks Senior Activity Center

2183 Milford Square Pike, Milford Square, PA 18935 (215) 536-3066

The Bucks County Recorder of Deeds office is now offering the new Bucks County Fraud AlertSystem to all residents of Bucks County. The fraud alert system will be free to anyone who would like to sign-up for the service.

If you sign-up, you will receive an email from our recording vendor, Landex, alerting you anytime a document has been recorded in our office against

your name. Businesses are also welcome to sign-up for this service. former recorderof Deeds, Robin hopes this free service will go a long way in helping residents to not fall prey to

predatory businesses that want you to purchase a costly service that monitors our property records.

There is no need to pay an outside group a high monthly fee to do this for you. Especially, when ouroffice can help you do it for free!


Protect Your Home

If you do get an alert call the recorder of deeds at 215 348-6209

Protect Your Deed